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Every Little Thing Marvel (SDCC Version)– FANgirl Blog Site
Every Little Thing Marvel (SDCC Version)– FANgirl Blog Site

The Marvel Cinematic World’s Stage 4 has actually certainly been intriguing until now. From WandaVision to Loki to Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Chaos, whatever appears a little detached and also complicated. Nevertheless, 2022’s San Diego Comic-Con has actually definitely transformed every one of that. Maintain checking out to find the Multiverse Legend of the MCU, stemming completely right into 2025:

I Am Groot

Appearing on August 10th, 2022, I Am Groot will certainly be a collection of 5 computer animated shorts. Each brief will certainly comply with Child Groot as he matures in the galaxy. It’ll be an enjoyable and also laid-back collection showcasing the journeys Groot has and also the uncommon personalities he satisfies along the road.

She-Hulk: Lawyer at Regulation

She-Hulk is readied to make her launching in the MCU on August 17, 2022. As an environment-friendly 6 foot, 7 inch lawyer and also relative of Hunk, Jennifer Walters will certainly find out just how to browse her complex life as an incredibly powered Hunk and also legal representative that concentrates on superhero-oriented lawful instances. In one of the most current trailer, a quick clip of the Adventurer match (red and also yellow, rather than simply red) was revealed, so I assume it’s secure to state that Matt Murdock will formally belong of the MCU quickly!

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

On November 11, 2022, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will certainly finish up Stage 4 of the MCU. Wakanda will certainly grieve king T’Challa (that was played by the late Chadwick Boseman) and also will certainly be combating to secure its country. What possibly will not be disclosed till the motion picture remains in cinemas, is just how T’Challa passes away, “a minute that will certainly establish the phase for sequence on the Wakandan throne” (The Washington Post).

Wakanda Forever will certainly additionally present among the brightest minds of Wakanda, Riri Williams, also known as Ironheart. We see Shuri squeezing hands with Riri in thetrailer In the Marvel Comics, Shuri presumed the mantle of the Black Panther in his lack, leading lots of to think that Shuri was putting on the Black Panther match that was received the trailer. It will certainly be hard to change a tale, yet if any individual can do it, it’s Shuri … or Nakia.

Ant Guy & & the Wasp: Quantumania

Starting Marvel’s Stage 5 on February 17, 2023, Ant Guy & & the Wasp: Quantumania will certainly make its launching! Scott Lang has actually been organizing his podcast: Big Me Little Me (as we saw in Ms. Marvel) and also after being “delighted with himself in his function with conserving deep space … Scott’s been hectic at the office– ish. With a little publication” claims Paul Rudd at San Diego Comic Disadvantage (Variety Magazine).

In special video revealed at ComicCon, a quick shot of MODOK, a big-headed cybernetic bad guy, and also Kang the Conqueror were revealed. It feels like Kang the Conqueror and also MODOK can be several of the large bad guys of this Multiverse Legend!

Secret Intrusion

Nick Fierceness is back and also much better than ever before in Marvel’s Secret Intrusion, appearing in Springtime 2023! This collection will primarily focus on Fierceness and also Talos, the Skrull from Captain Marvel In Addition, Maria Hillside will certainly partner with both Fierceness and also Talos to quit the Skrull intrusion in the world.

In special video revealed at ComicCon, Rhodey and also Fierceness briefly showed up taking a seat with each other, bordered by males in black matches, while Fierceness stated: “Just how much do you find out about your safety information?” (Deadline).

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Quantity 3, is readied to be launched May 6, 2023! Though the trailer hasn’t been launched to the general public yet, participants at Comic-Con had the ability to see some special video. Variety Magazine mentioned: “In the trailer for ‘Vol. 3,’ Gamora no more remembers her fellow Guardian team participants. The trailer additionally teases Rocket’s beginning and also an all-gold, super-buff Adam Warlock, played by MCU novice Will certainly Poulter. Groot looks like a young person.”

It has actually additionally been verified that this will certainly be completion of the Guardians trilogy in the MCU.


Marvel’s Hawkeye collection presented us to Maya Lopez, a deaf martial musician that can kick butt! After eliminating(?) Authority (Wilson Fisk) at the end of the collection, Maya went away, and also we have not seen her given that. Mirror, which will certainly be launched at some time in the summertime of 2023, will certainly include personalities such as Matt Murdock and also Authority, and also will certainly more than likely display Maya’s beginning tale and also describe her ultimate rely on heroism.

Period 2 of Loki

Ready to launch in the Summer season of 2023, Period 2 of Loki, will certainly have a brand-new supervisor that with any luck can actually take Period 2 to the following degree. We ended on Sylvie (a Loki version) stabbing Kang the Conqueror, and also Loki and also the TVA being left in full mayhem. Though very little info regarding Period 2 has actually been launched, it’s most likely that Loki will certainly attempt to deal with the multiversal mayhem from Period 1, yet will possibly not be successful in doing so given that the upcoming Avengers motion picture will certainly be concentrated around Kang the Conqueror.

The Direct claims: “It’s secure to state that Kang will certainly be remaining in the MCU for some time, and also with the program beginning his tale in the MCU, it would just make good sense for personalities like Loki and also Sylvie– that created Kang’s Variations to appear to begin with– to show up in the upcoming films.”

The Wonders

Including Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and also Monica Rambeau, The Wonders is readied to launch on July 28, 2023. Based off of what took place in the Ms. Marvel collection, The Wonders can check out the location of Kamala’s 2nd bracelet, feasible Skrull problems in celestial spaces, and also much more!


” The daywalker is daywalkin’ right into the Marvel Cinematic World” (Collider). Marvel’s Blade is readied to launch on November 3, 2023, acting nearly like a reboot of the initial 3, which were launched in the 2000s. Though there isn’t much info pertaining to the story, we can think that several of the tale will certainly originate from his comics beginning.

” Blade’s mom was struck by a vampire when she was expecting with him. After entering into labor, the lady passed away [and] brought to life a distinct half-human half-vampire child that was called Eric Brooks. When he matured, Eric used up the name “Blade” and also started to utilize his capacities as a Daywalker to hound various other vampires” (Collider).


Making her initial launching in the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer, Riri Williams/Iron Heart will certainly resemble the following Tony Stark in the MCU (although he’s irreplaceable). Ironheart is readied to launch in the Autumn of 2023, and also though we do not recognize much regarding it, we can check out several of her beginnings from thecomics

Comparable to Ms. Marvel, Riri Williams definitely likes Tony Stark. The teen wizard that was used a scholarship to MIT at simply 11 years of ages, “swipes products from around university and also utilizes them to construct an Iron Man-esque coat of mail” (CNET).

The name Ironheart is influenced by “the shield that Riri has actually been attempting to construct around herself since, both essentially and also figuratively,” Marvel claims.

Agatha: Coven of Turmoil

It’s been Agatha The whole time! Agatha Harkness is returning from WandaVision with her very own program! Ready to be launched around the winter season in 2023/2024, Agatha: Coven of Turmoil (formerly called Agatha: Home of Harkness), is hypothesized to check out Agatha’s beginning tales (with recalls), and also will certainly more than likely choice up her tale where it ended in Wandavision when she was captivated and also caught by Wanda.

Adventurer: Born Again

Prepare yourself for Adventurer’s main return! The last time we saw Adventurer was for a couple of quick minutes in Spiderman: No Other Way House Though Adventurer had his very own program on Netflix, he had not been actually attached to the MCU. Nevertheless currently, it’s main that Matt Murdock has actually gone into the MCU, and also we’ll see his brand-new collection, including several of our favored personalities such as Karen Web Page, Foggy Nelson, and also much more around Springtime 2024!

Captain America: New Globe Order

Sam Wilson’s back! The last we saw of Sam remained in The Falcon and also the Winter Months Soldier, and also currently we’re visiting him in Marvel’s 4th Captain America motion picture. Captain America: New Globe Order is readied to launch on May 3, 2024.

Though little info has actually been launched worrying this motion picture, some conjectures can be made. ScreenRant claims: “The Falcon & & The Wintertime Soldier episode 1 was entitled “New Globe Order,” and also … [a] lthough the program had actually apparently covered that up many thanks to Sam’s enthusiastic speech, Captain America: New Globe Order’s title recommends maybe revealing even more of either that results, or better from an ever-changing globe as the multiverse remains to open.”

This can additionally be a nod to the New Globe Order from Marvel Comics, which connects back to a timeless bad guy that we saw in the initial Captain America motion picture: Red Head.


” Initially offered as a group of heroes banding with each other after the Avengers were stated dead, a spin disclosed that they were in fact a supervillain group in camouflage, trying to overcome the globe” (Variety), Thunderbolts is anticipated to be launched on July 26, 2024, finishing Stage 5!

Lots of MCU personalities have the prospective to be a component of the Thunderbolts. Some consist of Yelena Belvoa, Ghost, Taskmaster, Baron Zemo, and also also Hawkeye!

Amazing 4

Starting Stage 6 solid, the reboot of Amazing 4 will certainly be launched on November 8, 2024! Though there’s very little info regarding the plotline of Amazing 4, there is supposition that Reed Richards (played by John Krasinski), that appeared in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Chaos, can return in this motion picture.

Avengers: The Kang Empire

Avengers: The Kang Empire is anticipated to be launched on May 5, 2025! We have actually seen Kang the Conqueror in Loki’s period 1, so it resembles the following large bad guy the prospective Avengers will certainly need to encounter will certainly be him– or possibly much more. In Loki, it was disclosed that there are numerous variations of Kang, which suggests that a feasible story line for this motion picture can be that “Kang’s variations are climbing behind-the-scenes, no more maintained in check by He That Continues to be and also his spiritual timeline, [and] ultimately, their multiversal battle can launch once more, possibly pressing the Avengers to interfere” (RadioTimes).

It hasn’t been verified that the Avengers group will certainly include, nevertheless, it’s hypothesized that the majority of the personalities we fulfill along the road, such as Shang-Chi, She-Hulk, Adventurer, and so on will certainly belong to this motion picture.

Avengers: Secret Battles

Rounding Off Stage 6 solid is Avengers: Secret Battles, readied to be launched on November 8, 2025. ScreenRant records that “it was verified that Avengers: Secret Battles will certainly be the conclusion of every MCU movie from Stage 4 forward”, indicating that this motion picture will certainly be Marvel’s most significant motion picture to day.

In the Marvel Comics, “Secret Battles” was a quite straightforward facility. “A planetary entity called the Beyonder took numerous of the most significant Marvel heroes and also bad guys from Planet and also put them on “Battleworld” to eliminate for his enjoyment (ScreenRant).”

I am past happy for the Multiverse Legend and also the variety in tales it will certainly bring right into the MCU. It’s a blast to be a Marvel superfan today!

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