Hayden Christensen Reviews ‘Celebrity Wars: Strike of the Duplicates’ for Its 20th Wedding Anniversary

Hayden Christensen Reviews ‘Celebrity Wars: Strike of the Duplicates’ for Its 20th Wedding Anniversary
Hayden Christensen Reviews ‘Celebrity Wars: Strike of the Duplicates’ for Its 20th Wedding Anniversary

On the 20-year wedding anniversary of Celebrity Wars: Strike of the Duplicates, spoke with Hayden Christensen regarding his experience with the flick. Naturally, Episode II was the flick that presented the globe to Christensen’s Anakin Skywalker.

Prior to we study that, we have actually just recently released a three-part content on the flick, so if you have not examined it out, right here is a web link to Component 1.

On Christensen. The star was at first really thrilled when he obtained the duty, as he remembers in the meeting, as well as commemorated it with his flatmate in an extremely special means:

” I keep in mind when I obtained the call stating that I obtained the component. I was still in bed, really, in my home in Vancouver at the time. I remember going out after I left the phone, simply type of surprised as well as in shock by the information, strolling right into the living-room where my flatmate was. He realized that I was waiting on this phone call, as well as he saw my smile as well as promptly recognized that there was great information. My feedback was, I illuminated a fictional lightsaber. He was a huge Celebrity Wars follower also, as well as he had the soundtrack to Episode I. He placed the Celebrity Wars soundtrack on, as well as we had this entire fictional lightsaber battle around our home, getting on all the furnishings as well as simply shouting like woozy kids.”

Christensen was, obviously, not the very first star to play the duty. In The Phantom Hazard, a young Jake Lloyd represented a nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker, as well as certainly, David Prowse wore as Darth Vader in the initial trilogy, with James Earl Jones giving the voice. So there were numerous resources to attract from when getting ready for the personality, as Christensen stated:

” Among the elements of Celebrity Wars that I located actually engaging was the generational facet of it. I actually desired that to really feel genuine as well as have as much connection as feasible. I was really mindful of the efficiency that Jake Lloyd provided [in Episode I], as well as desiring it to seem like it actually was simply an older variation of that youngster, to a few of the subtleties as well as quirks of Darth Vader, desiring that shift to have some context also, as well as to his youngsters, Luke as well as Leia, as well as for that family tree to really feel persuading. So I had a whole lot that I was attracting from, and afterwards obviously, every little thing he’s undergoing in the tale.”

An essential scene in Strike of the Duplicates is when Anakin, after slaughtering the Tusken Raiders that had actually caught his mom as well as were eventually in charge of her fatality, admits his activities to Padmé. According to Christensen, it needed a couple of “heart-to-heart” discussions in between him as well as George Lucas to obtain it best:

” Most of us recognized that it was an essential scene for this personality as well as for his arc. When we were practicing it, we attempted it a couple of various means. I had discussions with George [Lucas] regarding the level of his agony as well as mood, as well as looking for it. We attempted it one means, as well as I really did not rather seem like I was getting in touch with it. George strolled over to me as well as we had a truly wonderful heart-to-heart discussion. I really felt that scene was essential in my partnership with him also, in regards to exactly how we discussed the job as well as the personality. We actually opened our discussion, which after that proceeded right into Episode III. However yep, that scene was a huge one.”

For Christensen, one more takeaway from the experience of shooting the innovators was his relationship with Ewan McGregor. This is something that has actually been around the advertising advocate the brand-new Obi-Wan Kenobi program, which is considered as the get-together, on-screen as well as off-screen, of 2 long time good friends. Christensen stated the complying with regarding what their relationship implies to them:

” I was the new arrival, as well as he headed out of his means to make me really feel invited as well as comfy. I keep in mind the very first time we fulfilled, he provided me a huge hug, as well as we sort of get along well right from the start. I believe our partnership, in a great deal of means, type of mirrored our personalities’ partnership then also. We were really close as well as continue to be close. We simply had not seen each various other in a little while. However we obtained with each other prior to we began shooting [Obi-Wan Kenobi], simply to capture up, as well as it was so wonderful to reconnect with him. I enjoy the guy a lot.”

Christensen has actually not avoided revealing his love for the films over the previous number of months. Most just recently, throughout a press occasion in Berlin, he stated that Episode III is “an amazing movie”, as well as he shared those sensations with once more:

” Seeing them once more in its entirety [in preparation for Obi-Wan Kenobi], I was actually struck with the top quality as well as deepness of the narration as well as George’s vision for all of it. It’s so nuanced, intricate, as well as split. Actually amazing.

It resembles those movies had a gestation duration, where they required a little time to ferment in the general public subconscious,” he states. “The function that the movies have currently, it’s really heartfelt.”

It’s indisputable that the general public viewpoint on Christensen as well as his representation of Anakin has actually greatly moved over the previous twenty years. As both Christensen as well as Ewan McGregor had actually stated repetitively over the previous number of months, the followers that matured crazy with the innovators as youngsters are currently being listened to loud as well as clear as grownups.

Strike of the Duplicates will certainly have a panel at the upcoming Celebrity Battles Event, to memorialize the 20-year wedding anniversary at 2pm PST on Friday, May 27th. Christensen has actually not been validated as a visitor for the convention, however in between that panel as well as Obi-Wan Kenobi component of the huge Thursday panel, it would certainly be quite stunning if he had not been there.

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