Testimonial: The Previous Exists in Marvel’s ‘Obi-Wan’ # 1

Testimonial: The Previous Exists in Marvel’s ‘Obi-Wan’ # 1
Testimonial: The Previous Exists in Marvel’s ‘Obi-Wan’ # 1

Might 2022 will certainly drop as one of the most Obi-Wan-filled month in the 45-year (as well as counting) background of the Celebrity Wars franchise business. The very first 2 episodes of the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney And also will certainly get here on May 27th, as well as there have actually been lots of meetings with the program’s actors as well as staff, in addition to statements of linkup goods. Currently Marvel has actually determined to participate the Kenobi hype-train by creating the restricted comic collection, Obi-Wan This very first problem, launched today, functions as a great re-introduction to the personality in advance of the live-action collection, along with a strong start for this five-issue collection.


The property of this collection is basic: Obi-Wan is simply a couple of weeks far from his eventful conference with Luke Skywalker in A New Hope, as well as a large sandstorm is approaching his hut. He hunches down as well as, while coming through the tornado, starts creating in his journal concerning his very early years. We understand from meetings with author Christopher Cantwell that each problem will certainly adhere to Kenobi at a various factor in his life, which starts with a journey from his days as a Jedi youngling.

At once, I intend to provide appreciation to Ario Anindito’s art work. His pencils as well as Carlos Lopez’s shades record the barren landscape of Tatooine’s Dune Sea fairly well. I likewise value exactly how Anindito’s illustrations of older Obi-Wan Kenobi plainly look like Alec Guinness without resembling he counted excessive on motion picture stills as a referral.

After a handful of web pages on Tatooine, the problem transfers us years right into the past, as well as we satisfy youngling Obi-Wan as he awakens in the Jedi Holy place in the center of the evening. He’s seeking his pal as well as fellow Jedi youngling, Gehren Rand, that is missing out on from the dorm rooms. Obi-Wan locates her on the holy place’s roofing system, as well as she’s plainly disturbed.

Gehren informs Obi-Wan that she’s been having headaches concerning her daddy, as well as in all of them she sees him terrified as well as hurting. She wishes to trip off-planet as well as aid him, despite the fact that Obi-Wan advises her that leaving the holy place is restricted which the Event is quick coming close to (a great nod to the initiation rite we saw in period 5 of The Duplicate Battles). Gehren embark on the roofing system, leaving Obi-Wan with a significant selection: damage the policies as well as look for as well as aid his pal, or remain at the holy place as well as leave Gehren to her destiny.

As quickly as Gehren showed up, I was right away advised of the Siri Tachi personality from the Legends connection. Viewers of the old Jedi Pupil as well as Jedi Mission stories will certainly bear in mind that Siri was a Padawan with whom Obi-Wan at some point established a relationship as well as, quickly, a love. Siri has actually hardly been utilized in the more recent canon timeline, likely due to the fact that her function as Obi-Wan’s love passion was full of the intro of Lady Satine in The Duplicate Battles. It’s fascinating Cantwell picked to utilize a comparable personality below. Gehren bears greater than a passing physical similarity to Siri, nevertheless.

Obi-Wan rapidly makes a decision to go after Gehren, as well as he heads to Coruscant’s reduced degrees to discover her. As he looks, we find out a little bit extra concerning his inspirations. Obi-Wan informed Gehren prior to she left that he saw her as his only pal, as well as he attributes her for securing as well as leading him throughout his training so far.

I do desire that we would certainly obtained a possibility to be familiar with Gehren as well as see Obi-Wan’s relationship with her already. Undoubtedly, this is a miniseries, as well as each problem is meant to work as its very own narrative, so the writing needs to maintain a rather vigorous speed. Nonetheless, we have actually only simply satisfied Gehren as well as our understanding concerning her background with Obi-Wan is restricted to what we’re informed with the discussion as well as narrative boxes. We understand that she matters to Obi-Wan due to the fact that he agrees to damage the policies to attempt as well as aid her, yet it would certainly’ve behaved to see a minimum of a little their earlier background.

Naturally, the youngling Obi-Wan faces some criminals while looking Coruscant’s reduced degrees. In an outstanding little bit of follower solution, we see him try a Jedi mind method for the very first time in his life, as well as amazingly, it functions (I presume he’s constantly had an all-natural skill for it). Obi-Wan is required to protect himself from the gang, as well as he’s just hardly able to hold them off enough time for Gehren to appear. I value exactly how Cantwell reveals us Obi-Wan’s present power degree below. He’s had a little training, yet very little, as well as we can simply hardly see twinkles of the terrific warrior that he’ll come to be.

Equally As Obi-Wan will be bewildered by his enemies, Gehren appears to aid, as well as we find out that the criminals help a Black Sunlight lieutenant called Nodrus Cay. What’s even more, Gehren has actually obtained Cay to accept transfer her off Coruscant for an important pendant she has. Obi-Wan, still not able to bid farewell to his pal, makes a decision to go along with Gehren on her trip.

Their journey with each other isn’t to be, nevertheless, as Cay betrays the kids as well as efforts to abduct them, thinking she can manipulate their Pressure level of sensitivity for her very own criminal ends. We obtain a great minute in between the young Jedi students as Gehren assists Obi-Wan stay tranquil so they can focus, damage their manacles utilizing the Pressure, as well as getaway. I truly liked this scene due to the fact that it revealed Gehren leading Obi-Wan throughout a difficult scenario after we listened to Obi-Wan point out that she would certainly done that a number of times throughout their training. I still desire we would certainly obtained extra with both of them with each other, yet this minute was instead welcome.

After they run away, Obi-Wan attempts one last time to encourage Gehren to go back to the holy place, yet she declines. Gehren picks once again to aid her daddy, as well as she informs Obi-Wan that he can endure on his very own. Obi-Wan, recognizing his pal can not be dissuaded from her goal, proposals her goodbye as well as heads back. Yoda awaits him on the holy place’s actions. He currently understands that Gehren has actually left, as well as he advises Obi-Wan that without his pal to secure him, he’ll need to look out for himself from currently on.

The problem finishes with Obi-Wan stating that he never ever saw Gehren once again neither did he ever before discover what occurred to her. Sadly, I discovered this finishing a little bit unsatisfactory. I had actually presumed up till this last web page that Gehren may come to be a persisting personality throughout this miniseries, today we understand Obi-Wan will not see or speak with her once again, so there’s no hope of any type of resolution for her personality. Possibly the factor was to highlight that this is the very first time Obi-Wan has actually ever before needed to genuinely bid farewell to somebody he appreciated, as well as we’re suggested to really feel depressing due to the fact that we will not see Gehren once again either, yet I was still a little underwhelmed.

While we get on the subject of downsides, I must point out that I really felt the art work for the Coruscant scenes had not been as solid as the art work for the opening scene on Tatooine. I obtain that it’s possibly challenging to recreate the Blade Jogger– esque appearance of Coruscant’s reduced degrees which we saw in some episodes of The Duplicate Battles as well as the Zam Wesell chase series in Strike of the Duplicates, yet I still really feel that the art counted a little bit as well greatly on single histories below.

On the whole, the positives exceed the downsides in this problem, as well as this initial journey of preadolescent Obi-Wan has actually left me fascinated to see where the following 4 problems go. I just wish the various other tales embeded in various durations of Obi-Wan’s life are in a similar way essential to his life tale as well as his advancement as a Jedi instead of arbitrary one-off experiences. This collection is basically a collection of narratives that can wind up producing a fascinating personality research of Obi-Wan.

It makes good sense that Obi-Wan would certainly make a decision to tape-record this youth journey because it’s the very first time he’s needed to bid farewell to a buddy (however, unfortunately, we understand it will not be the last). Following month, we’ll adhere to Obi-Wan on an objective from his Padawan days as he as well as Qui-Gon address a distress signal from the much reaches of area …


Eric has actually been a follower of Celebrity Wars since the age of 5 (or two) when his moms and dads rested him down before a television with pizza as well as a Sprite as well as revealed him the initial trilogy. He maintains attempting to encourage even more followers to review the incredible 1980s Celebrity Wars paper comics by Archie Goodwin as well as Al Williamson. When he’s not checking out, enjoying or playing Celebrity Wars media, he’s usually appreciating various other terrific dream as well as sci-fi legends or playing roleplaying video games with his good friends.

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