The Failures of The Rise of Skywalker, Half 1 – FANgirl Weblog

The Failures of The Rise of Skywalker, Half 1 – FANgirl Weblog
The Failures of The Rise of Skywalker, Half 1 – FANgirl Weblog

From its earliest incarnations, within the concepts generated by
George Lucas and the blue sky imaginings of J.J. Abrams and the movie-making
staff, the Sequel Trilogy had at its core the origin story of a feminine Jedi. The Drive Awakens delivered on this
premise by centering
Rey because the driving vector of the story, like Luke Skywalker in A New Hope, and delivering a climax in
which she took up the Skywalker legacy lightsaber to face down the villainous
Kylo Ren. The Final Jedi diminished
the give attention to Rey considerably, particularly by sidelining
her within the closing act, however nonetheless maintained her function because the
Jedi protagonist within the story. Given the poor observe report of Star
Wars films with the core heroines of their third movies – objectifying
Leia in Return of the Jedi and
decreasing Padmé
to a weeping homebody in Revenge of the
– followers
rightfully nervous from the beginning whether or not the Sequel Trilogy would
do higher for Rey in her trilogy.

Ultimately, how did The
Rise of Skywalker
deal with its remedy of Rey? Properly, it might have been
worse. Rey is the hero. She wins the day within the second – principally on account of her personal
power and fortitude. She is the long run: a thousand generations of the Jedi
reside on by her – a future and legacy that she, like Luke or Anakin, does
not should share. She defeats evil, conquers her personal fears, and will get her completely happy

And but… The Rise of
denies Rey the identical caliber of company in her third movie that Luke
and Anakin obtained in theirs. The movie struggles to offer coherent and
constant motivations to Rey for her actions and decisions over the course of
the plot, together with with the redemption of Ben Solo. And the film’s shock
twist, her heritage because the granddaughter of the diabolical Emperor Palpatine,
carries far much less emotional weight than it may need been given.

Finally, then, The
Rise of Skywalker
is neither a whole success nor a whole failure for
Rey’s character. Sure, it might have been worse – but it surely additionally might have been
much better.

Concluding the Hero’s
Journey for Rey

Like the 2 prior trilogies within the Skywalker saga, the Sequel Trilogy builds its Jedi protagonist’s arc upon the Hero’s Journey framework of storytelling. The Drive Awakens is Rey’s origin story; The Final Jedi passes the baton from Luke to Rey because the singular inheritor to the religious legacy. In The Rise of Skywalker, Rey finishes her heroic cycle – nonetheless the identical optimistic scavenger we first met on Jakku, but additionally without end modified by her journey. In a separate put up we analyze intimately this third section of the Hero’s Journey for Rey, particularly the way it follows the decision of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth by displaying Rey synthesize her previous as a scavenger and her future as a Jedi into a brand new path combining the very best of each.

Rey’s arc in The Rise
of Skywalker
has features which are worthy of reward. Although solely briefly due
to the passing of Carrie Fisher, we do get to see Rey coaching as a Jedi with
Leia as her Grasp. Rey undertakes a banter-filled quest along with her mates in
the Resistance – Finn, Poe, Chewie, Threepio, and BB-8 – from Pasaana to Kijimi
to Kef Bir. She has her closing showdown along with her trilogy nemesis, Kylo Ren, on
the wreckage of the Dying Star, adopted by her closing showdown along with her personal
worst worry – “myself” – with reassurance within the type of kindly phrases from ghostly
Luke Skywalker on Ahch-To. The younger lady who as soon as cried tears for her emotions
of abandonment on Jakku now stands tall in entrance of her grandfather to declare,
“My mother and father have been robust. They saved me from you.” Then she brings to
fruits the legacy of a thousand generations, the final Jedi defeating the
final Sith by standing agency within the mild aspect of the Drive. Symbolizing her
private in addition to religious achievement, Rey renounces her connection to
Palpatine, one solely of genes, and chooses to be a Skywalker, a part of her discovered

On the identical time, now that it has come to a detailed, it’s
value noting what Rey’s journey is just not. In distinction to the tales of her
distinguished feminine lead contemporaries, Star Wars didn’t present Rey with a
Heroine’s Journey. Whereas Katniss
Everdeen from The Starvation Video gameswas framed by Suzanne Collins as a
nurturing hero, Rey is principally a conquering hero, particularly with Kylo Ren
and Palpatine in The Rise of Skywalker.
In contrast to Diana
within the 2017 Surprise Girl movie,
little if something in Rey’s journey hinges on her overcoming limitations or
expectations primarily based on her intercourse or gender. Although she shares the theme of a
seek for identification with Carol
within the 2019 Captain Marvel film,
Rey’s energy is unlocked, developed, and defined on display nearly completely
by her interactions with males – Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, Supreme Chief
Snoke, and Palpatine, with just a few minutes shared with Leia – somewhat than
from the power of her feminine mates and mentors, and inside herself. Mockingly,
for one temporary second on Kef Bir she undertakes the duty of actually “therapeutic
the wounded masculine,” however with none of the that means or significance
attributed to that idea within the writing of Maureen Murdock. In The Rise of Skywalker, Rey is just not
synthesizing the female and masculine sides of herself or the influences of
these elements upon her life, as in Murdock, however somewhat synthesizing the
peculiar world of a scavenger and the extraordinary world of a Jedi, as in
Campbell. Counting on Campbell’s mannequin stays true to the historical past of Star Wars,
after all – but it surely does nothing new or totally different to mark out the trail ahead
into the franchise’s future.

Rey’s Diminished Company

One other notable distinction exists between Rey in The Rise of Skywalker in comparison with Luke
in Return of the Jedi and Anakin in Revenge of the Sith, the capstone films
to their respective trilogies. In contrast to the 2 males, Rey has significantly
diminished company in
shaping her personal destiny over the course of the movie.

Knowledge from the movie trade has confirmed not solely that ladies
exist in considerably fewer roles, but additionally that feminine characters are typically
written rather more passively than males. This actuality performs out in The Rise of Skywalker, during which Rey is commonly
passive or reactive because the story unfolds. Poe tells her she wants to affix then
combat, and she or he acts on his evaluation upon studying the information about Palpatine. She
goes to Pasaana following Luke’s notes; she finds Ochi’s ship with instructions
from Lando; she tags alongside to Kijimi as a result of Poe is aware of Babu Frik; the
translation from the dagger leads her to Kef Bir. She reaches for the First
Order transport to save lots of Chewie from captivity, and loses her mood in response
to the intervention of Kylo Ren. She attracts her lightsaber towards Kylo Ren on three
events, every time as a result of he pursued her to a different location – the desert of
Pasaana, the streets of Kijimi, and the wreckage of the Dying Star – to attempt to
flip her to darkish aspect. She goes to Exegol as a result of she has no selection; Palpatine
won’t come to her, so she should go to him. And he or she defeats him as a result of the
spirits of Jedi previous communicate to her and encourage her to rise, not as a result of she has
the power and bravado to rise solely on her personal. You will need to observe
that any specific selection to indicate a protagonist as reactive somewhat than
proactive in any given story is just not essentially flawed or undermining. Within the
combination, nevertheless, the script for The
Rise of Skywalker
written by two males leans into the trope that ladies exist
and males do.

Even Rey’s moments of company are impressed by another person. When
she uncovers Luke’s notes concerning the wayfinder and clues to its location, she
insists to Leia that she should undertake the mission; refuting Leia’s easy
“No.” – constrained by the beforehand filmed scenes with Carrie Fisher – Rey
responds, “It’s what you’d do.” After the revelation of her heritage and
the fateful duel on Kef Bir, Rey absconds in Kylo Ren’s TIE fighter and flies
to Ahch-To, the place she units the starship ablaze and declares her intention to
stay there without end, as Luke did. (Solely to be instantly chastised, by Luke,
that he had been mistaken in doing so.)

This marks a pointy distinction with Luke in Return of the Jedi. In that film, his
decisions drive the story: he plans and executes the mission to rescue Han from
Jabba’s palace; he returns to Dagobah to maintain his promise to Yoda; he
volunteers to affix the Endor strike staff; he leaves the staff and surrenders to
Vader to attempt to attain the nice in his father. Whereas the Emperor efficiently
instigates Luke to attract his weapon, Luke’s triumph comes not from exterior help
however from his personal braveness to throw apart his saber and reject the darkish aspect.

Though Anakin’s path in Revenge of the Sith is extra reactive – the core conceit of his
tragedy is that his emotional weaknesses are being exploited by Palpatine’s
manipulations the entire time – he’s not a passive participant in an journey pushed
by others. He rescues Obi-Wan from the thrill droids, then once more on the Invisible Hand after the demise of Dooku;
he seeks Yoda’s steerage about his nightmare, then chooses to maintain his fears a
secret from Obi-Wan and the opposite Jedi; he disobeys orders and intervenes in
Mace Windu’s confrontation with the Chancellor. Above all, he chooses to affix
the darkish aspect and turn out to be a Sith as a result of he hopes it is going to carry him the facility to
save Padmé. Though Darth Sidious engineers a few of these alternatives, at
every step Anakin has a selection, and makes it.

The plot of The Rise
of Skywalker
is frenetic, particularly within the first two hours. Certainly,
nevertheless, extra room might have been created for Rey’s company. Like Luke and
Anakin earlier than her, Rey ought to been the driving agent and propulsive vector in
the third film of her story.

Rey’s Inexplicable

It’s dangerous sufficient that an excessive amount of of Rey’s story in The Rise of Skywalker deprives her of
company, however these flaws are compounded by the film’s failure to offer her
with wise and understandable motivations for the actions she takes. This
ends in the impression that Rey does issues as a result of the writers determined she
wanted to do them to suit their supposed end result – not as a result of they really
make sense for what Rey as a personality would do.

On Ajan Kloss, for instance, Rey is portrayed as proudly
coaching as a Jedi with Leia as her Grasp – but additionally preserving secrets and techniques from her.
As she prepares to depart for Pasaana, Rey says, “There’s a lot I wish to
inform you,” to which Leia replies, “Inform me while you get again.” Out of universe,
we all know that this dialogue was concocted as a manner to make use of a beforehand filmed
line supply by Carrie Fisher on this film. In universe, although, it makes no
sense. One in all Rey’s vital classes in The
Final Jedi
was that lack of open and candid communication, in each the previous
and the current, is a mistake that may have tragic, or almost tragic,
penalties – particularly between Jedi pupils and masters. Elsewhere in The Rise of Skywalker, each Rey and Luke
are proven having realized from the errors explored within the earlier movie. In
that context, Rey’s secret-keeping from Leia is inconsistent and unexplained. In
the earnest goal of repurposing Carrie Fisher’s unused scenes, the writersundercut Rey’s characterization.

Equally, it’s nostalgia and intertextual connectivity,
somewhat than Rey’s personal motivations, that specify why Rey travels to Ahch-To
after Kef Bir. Simply as Luke returns to Yoda briefly in Return of the Jedi and receives affirmation of Vader’s revelation
that he’s Luke’s father, so too Rey should briefly revisit Luke in The Rise of Skywalker to obtain
affirmation of Kylo Ren’s revelation that Palpatine is her grandfather. It
additionally permits Luke to reaffirm that his fatalistic exile was a mistake, one which
Rey mustn’t repeat – besides that nothing in her motivations explains why she
would have chosen to take action within the first place. In contrast to Luke, she didn’t assume
the Jedi ought to finish: she learn the traditional texts and educated with Leia. Why
would she instantly abandon that path? In contrast to Luke, who left behind a New
Republic and relative peace and stability within the galaxy when he went into
exile, Rey is aware of definitely that the First Order and Sith fleets are
poised for imminent conquest if Palpatine is just not defeated. She wouldn’t solely
be letting the Jedi die out, but additionally dooming all her mates to annihilation
and the complete galaxy to a different reign of tyranny. Why would she merely quit
and settle for that end result? It is senseless with something now we have seen from her
character beforehand, and this pretext is so flimsy that Luke barely has to
cajole Rey into reversing her choice and heading for Exegol. However apparently
the writers needed Rey to reflect Luke in a literal and overt method earlier than their
dialog about her impending confrontation with Palpatine – and to be
flying Pink 5 for nostalgia worth, too.

Maybe we are supposed to assume that Rey’s motivations come
from her worry that she’s going to fall to the darkish aspect. Worry that her imaginative and prescient of the
Sith throne will come true, similar to her youthful visions of the Ahch-To
island got here true; worry of the Drive lightning she unleashed on Pasaana; worry
that her grandfather’s bloodline will dominate her future. Besides that, by the
time Rey has reached Ahch-To, The Rise of
has gone out of its solution to reaffirm that Rey is an efficient particular person –
and that she is aware of it. She heals the vexis, which supplies her a multi-eyed blink
of serpent gratitude earlier than slithering away. Zorii Bliss deems her heroic and
value serving to. Rey oils up D-O’s squeaky wheel, and he calls her “very type.” Rey
is the primary character in Star Wars to request Threepio’s evaluation of the
odds, and deal with it with respect. Even earlier than Luke Skywalker explicitly reaffirms
the goodness in her coronary heart, the film has repeatedly proven the viewers – and
Rey – that she is compassionate and sort. And all of this, after all, builds on
Rey’s characterization in The Drive
and The Final Jedi, which
additionally repeatedly confirmed her good coronary heart, sense of justice, and compassion. If
worry of falling to the darkish aspect was imagined to be her motivation for parts
of The Rise of Skywalker, it’s dissonant
along with her established characterization and accordingly unearned.

For a similar motive, Rey’s established characterization does
not clarify what her motivation would have been for therapeutic the mortal wound to
Kylo Ren at Kef Bir. Although she exhibits kindness and compassion to those that deserve
it, however she is rarely proven having qualms about preventing or
defeating malicious and villainous adversaries. In The Drive Awakens she beats up Unkar’s thugs, steals the Falcon from him, releases the rathtars
upon two legal gangs, blasts stormtroopers at Starkiller Base, and duels
Kylo Ren within the forest. In The Final Jedi she
chops down Praetorian Guards with out hesitation and cheers her profitable photographs
on the First Order TIEs from the Falcon’s
cannons. In The Rise of Skywalker she
once more blasts stormtroopers on Pasaana and the Steadfast, attracts her saber towards Kylo Ren thrice, and
disintegrates Palpatine together with his personal energy at Exegol. Moments earlier than their duel
begins at Kef Bir, Kylo Ren has destroyed the wayfinder, taunted Rey about her
bloodline, and once more tried to persuade her that her solely future lies with the
darkish aspect. His lightsaber assaults on her are unrelenting, pounding her to her
knees. When a gap emerges, she doesn’t hesitate for a second to take it,
stabbing him by the stomach together with his personal blade.

After which, inexplicably, she kneels down and heals the wound,
saving the lifetime of her nemesis for the previous two-and-a-half films. Is it
as a result of she regrets her personal motion, feeling it was motivated by revenge or
anger somewhat than justice or righteousness? Is it as a result of she mourns for Leia,
and believes Leia would have needed to spare her son? Is it as a result of she
believes Kylo Ren has already returned to the sunshine to turn out to be Ben Solo, even
although his recollections of his father and choice to honor what his mom fought
for has not but occurred? Or is it as a result of she senses that Kylo Ren would possibly nonetheless select the sunshine, although he
not but really achieved so, and believes that therapeutic him in an act of compassion
would possibly speed up him making the best
selection? It’s attainable to conceive of quite a lot of explanations – however none of
them are literally given within the film. Rey has just one line of dialogue
afterward at Kef Bir, and it implies that she nonetheless views the person she healed as
Kylo Ren: she would have taken Ben’s hand, she says, however she does not
take his hand now, as a substitute leaving him alone on the wreckage whereas she steals
his TIE fighter to depart him behind. After which she says nothing in any respect on the
matter to Luke once they communicate at Ahch-To.

Once more Rey’s actions have been compelled to suit the plot,
somewhat than motivations that make sense for her character. The writers needed
Ben to affix her at Exegol, so he wanted to outlive Kef Bir. Present lore
actually supplied a way to take action: Maul, Vader, and Palpatine all used their
darkish aspect rage to stave off demise and endure. The issue with that energy,
although, is that it might be Kylo Ren, not Ben Solo, arriving at Exegol to face
beside Rey. That might have supplied its personal fascinating dynamic to the
showdown, however it isn’t the one the writers have been thinking about telling. In
addition, The Rise of Skywalker on
its personal phrases supplied one other means to save lots of Ben: if Leia can undertaking her
consciousness throughout the galaxy to talk to her son, certainly she might additionally use
the Drive to restore his wound on the identical time, too. That manner Ben’s redemption
and survival would come from the unconditional love of his mom, a completely
comprehensible motivation. As a substitute, Rey is tasked with sparing the lifetime of her
nemesis – earlier than he has proven he’s redeemed – as a result of the plot requires

One other interpretation, favored by some followers, can be
attainable: that Rey is motivated to heal him not by guilt or compassion, however
love. On this interpretation, Rey mentioned she needed to take Ben’s hand, after which
kissed him at Exegol, as a result of she has fallen in love with him over the course
of the three movies.

However this interpretation of Rey’s motivation, just like the
corresponding interpretations of The
Drive Awakens
and The Final Jedi made
within the years previous The Rise of
, is profoundly troubling and problematic for the message it sends
about romance and romantic story arcs. In The
Drive Awakens
Kylo Ren chases Rey by the Drive, immobilizes her and
penetrates her thoughts earlier than knocking her unconscious, abducts her limp physique, imprisons
her in an interrogation chair in a detention block cell, once more forcibly
intrudes into her thoughts with out her consent (“You understand I can take something I
need.”), murders his father in entrance of her, propels Rey right into a tree, makes an attempt
to homicide her greatest good friend, and tries for the primary time to ally her with the
darkish aspect. In The Final Jedi Kylo Ren
tries to mind-trick her into revealing the situation of Luke Skywalker, deceives
her concerning the night time he destroyed Luke’s coaching temple, agrees along with her
accusation that he’s a monster, disrespects her autonomy by refusing to cowl
himself when she expresses discomfort at his shirtless look, intentionally
exploits her youth as impoverished orphan to assault her self-confidence and place
himself as the one one who cares about her, and once more seeks to lure her to
the darkish aspect. Rey believes that once they touched arms she noticed him reject the
darkish aspect, however he makes completely clear within the Supremacy throne room and at Crait that he has no such intention. In
The Rise of Skywalker, he repeatedly
intrudes into her thoughts with out her consent, expresses his intention to not give
up stalking her, continues taunting her about his extra information of her
household heritage even after her tearful objection (“I don’t need this!”), and
relentlessly pursues her from Pasaana to Kijimi to Kef Bir, the place he once more
insists that she has no future besides to affix him on the darkish aspect. These
interactions show all of the hallmarks of intimate associate abuse: gaslighting,
negging, emotional manipulation, ignoring private privateness, rejecting pleas to
be left alone, undesirable surveillance, stalking, non-consensual intimacy, and
even bodily violence. If that is the sort of romantic story that Lucasfilm
and Disney supposed to painting, they’ll rightly bear a considerable damaging
response from many critics, commentators, and followers.

The film could be greatest served with these two moments
omitted: no comment about taking Ben’s hand and no kiss. However even with them
included, that they’re motivated by love is just not the one required
interpretation. In The Drive Awakens,
Rey and Finn share a sequence of dialogue about taking one another’s arms, and it
didn’t culminate in a romance; earlier in The
Rise of Skywalker
, Rey took arms with Finn, Poe, and Threepio in
solidarity of trigger earlier than heading to Kijimi. Rey equally might take Ben
Solo’s hand as an ally and fellow Jedi, with out necessitating a romantic
connotation. And even their kiss is unaccompanied by any dialogue expressly
establishing its significance; it attainable to view it as a gesture of gratitude,
reduction, and celebration somewhat than romantic affection. Maybe the
novelization of The Rise of Skywalker by
Rae Carson or the junior novelization by Michael Kogge will make clear what
Lucasfilm intends because the official emotional state of those moments. Till then,
Rey’s motivations towards Kylo Ren and Ben Solo stay inexplicable, too.

The Issues with Rey

Shortly after the discharge of The Final Jedi, we revealed The
Issues With Rey Random: A Storytelling Evaluation to elucidate our analysis
of the choice seemingly made by the second movie within the Sequel Trilogy. We thought-about
the ramifications for the Rey’s character, the primary two movies within the trilogy,
and the themes of the Skywalker saga as an entire – and, together with Rey
At Danger Revisited: The Hazard Indicators from The
Final Jedi
, we emphasised our critical considerations concerning the potential
implications of the selection for the concluding film. Luckily, the worst
potentialities didn’t happen in The Rise
of Skywalker
: Rey is just not sidelined for any main phase of the plot; Rey
is just not outdated by Ben Solo because the Jedi hero; Rey is just not discarded as an
interloper into the Skywalker story however somewhat adopted into it, turning into half
of the household by title and by future.

However, the style during which The Rise of Skywalker reversed the choice for Rey Random – by
making her Rey Palpatine – solely introduces a brand new and totally different set of issues.
Most of all, they present that the narrative selection was pointless to make the
conclusion of Rey’s story highly effective and efficient.

First, in a franchise that has lengthy struggled with the methods
its tales perpetuate patriarchy, this choice solely provides gas to the hearth. Rey’s
father is the Emperor’s son, we’re informed within the film – apparently in order that her
title is Palpatine, too. Besides that later, when Palpatine flings the weakened
Ben Solo into the chasm, he particularly declares in his monologue that he’s
taking revenge towards a “Skywalker,” which isn’t the title utilized by Leia or her
son. By the film’s personal logic, then, Rey would have been a “Palpatine” by
her mom’s line regardless. Or maybe the writers merely have been keen on the
dichotomy of Vader’s daughter and the Emperor’s son to invert the dichotomy of
Kylo Ren and Rey, and failed to acknowledge the connotation.

Second, no bloodline connection to Palpatine is required for
Rey’s best worry – “myself” – to floor her characterization. In The Drive Awakens, Rey is proven with a
willingness to combat, to face as much as bullies, to behave aggressively. Although she is
written as extra subdued for a lot of The Final
, she nonetheless engages in saber coaching, assaults Luke within the rain, fights
the Praetorian Guards on the Supremacy,
and cheers whereas blasting TIEs from the Falcon
on Crait. Within the first half of The
Rise of Skywalker
she releases a burst of Drive lightning on Pasaana and engages
in two vigorously and emotionally fraught lightsaber duels with Kylo Ren. As
famous above, all three movies set up that Rey is an efficient particular person, and it isn’t
particularly credible that the younger lady who has repeatedly rejected Kylo Ren’s
makes an attempt throughout the trilogy to show her to the darkish aspect would have any actual
susceptibility to the manipulative phrases of the Emperor, both. On the opposite
hand, the Skywalker saga, like all epic storytelling, has precedent for the
concept that the upper the stakes, the better it’s to simply accept the ends justifying
the means. Even good-hearted Rey would possibly fear concerning the solidity of her personal
ethical fortitude within the face of their desperation to cease Palpatine’s reconquest
of the galaxy. Kylo Ren is appropriate to say that darkness is “in our nature” –
however not due to his or her bloodline, however as a result of it’s a part of human
nature, in all of us.

Third, nothing within the discovered household dynamic of the story
requires a Palpatine heritage for Rey, both. Actually it has nothing to do
along with her bonds shaped with Poe or Finn, Chewie or BB-8, Threepio or D-O. Likewise,
the bonds she makes with Han, Luke, and Leia over three movies additionally work wonderful on
their very own – because the fan reactions to them after The Drive Awakens and The
Final Jedi
demonstrated. Maybe the twist in The Rise of Skywalker creates a little bit further zing to the ending:
not solely does Palpatine’s personal kin defeat him, however she additionally repudiates him and
takes the title of his despised nemeses. However the emotion of Rey discovering her
place with the household she chooses, and who chooses her in return, stands nicely
sufficient by itself.

Fourth, by introducing the twist midway by the third movie
within the trilogy, Rey’s Palpatine heritage is ready to deploy solely a fraction of
the thematic resonance it may need carried. Darkish can come from mild (Kylo
Ren from Ben Solo) and lightweight can come from darkish (Rey Skywalker from Rey
Palpatine). Can we escape our heritage, our pasts, to chart our personal course? When
ought to we honor our household legacy, and when ought to we reject it? How a lot of
our destiny is about by historical past, or by future, and the way a lot is decided by free
will and the facility to decide on? These themes might have been highly effective ones. With
Rey ending up associated to a legacy character anyway, these themes ought to
been the story
of the third trilogy of the Skywalker household saga. (This
could be equally true, it’s value noting, if the third film had revealed Rey
to be Luke’s daughter or Kylo Ren’s sister.) As a substitute, they’re thrown in on the
final minute, not earned beforehand and never rewardingly paid off afterward.

Within the combination, the Rey Palpatine reveal provides little profit
to the story or her characterization, whereas bringing appreciable draw back. Some
view it as part of a broader rejection of The
Final Jedi
. Others favor the thematic and emotional energy of Rey “nobody”
somewhat than reinforcing patriarchal lineage. One other view is that it reinvents
the complete saga and diminishes the Skywalkers (to be mentioned additional in an
upcoming put up). No matter one’s perspective, together with those that discover
enjoyment or satisfaction in it, the Rey Palpatine reveal in the end is most damaging
as a result of it distracts the main focus from Rey herself, and the triumphant finish of her
story, and as a substitute attracts consideration to her connections to different characters.

And it’s this actuality, in the long run, which creates the
lingering disappointment: Rey is a good character as a result of she is Rey. That
ought to have been sufficient.


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