Unique: Christopher Cantwell teases Marvel’s brand-new ‘Obi-Wan’ comic

Unique: Christopher Cantwell teases Marvel’s brand-new ‘Obi-Wan’ comic
Unique: Christopher Cantwell teases Marvel’s brand-new ‘Obi-Wan’ comic

This May, Obi-Wan Kenobi will certainly obtain his long-awaited Disney+ initial collection, including Ewan McGregor’s go back to the duty for a story of the Jedi Master’s years out in the Tatooine desert. Prior to that occurs, however, Marvel Comics will certainly present viewers to much more unknown stories from Kenobi’s life with Celebrity Wars: Obi-Wan, a five-issue miniseries from author Christopher Cantwell ( Iron Male, Heaven Fire) and also a collection of musicians starting with Ario Anindito ( Celebrity Wars: The High Republic) releasing on Celebrity Wars Day, May 4.

However unlike the brand-new live-action collection, which will certainly concentrate on a really specific time and also area in Kenobi’s life, Marvel’s Obi-Wan has the flexibility to cover Obi-Wan’s whole Jedi job, starting with his time as a youngling at the Jedi Holy place prior to he fulfilled his ultimate Master, Qui-Gon Jinn. Each concern of the comic will certainly cover a various experience from a various duration in Kenobi’s life, starting with a problem # 1 story of an eight-year-old Kenobi released right into an experience in the Coruscant abyss. He’s not yet the Jedi he’ll expand to be, however as Cantwell described, composing Kenobi at any type of age implies concentrating on specific facets of his personality that have actually constantly existed.

” I assume Obi-Wan, no matter age, has specific enduring qualities,” Cantwell informed SYFY CORD. “He’s exceptionally dedicated, and also has actually revealed deep link to specific individuals in his life. I additionally assume he is honor-bound, however going to press limits when need be. Component of that he likely picked up from Qui-Gon, however a great deal of that in my viewpoint is inherent. I assume these are points that would certainly exist in Obi-Wan from a very early age. I bear in mind specific viewpoints or sensations when I was 8. As well as I additionally enjoy my very own eight-year-old kid and also recognize he’ll be seeing specific points and also bringing specific viewpoints to circumstances in a comparable method for the remainder of his life. Some points are currently hard-wired in. Obi-Wan’s ‘difficult wired’ qualities are what we see in this tale.”

In the unique web pages listed below, you can obtain a peek at what Anindito has actually made with Obi-Wan at an age in which we have actually seldom seen him, as he jumps right into activity versus a few of Coruscant’s much less upstanding people.

” Ario is initial and also primary a pro, and also brought the collection to life quickly with extraordinary information,” Cantwell stated of his musician. “He additionally did an eight-year-old Obi-Wan that does not have the benefit of being quickly identifiable as one of both stars to play the personality. However his Obi-Wan is quickly simply taken shape, and also I bound to him equally as I have the various other versions I have actually seen for many years. There are really various musicians for every concern, which is amazing, and also they each bring their very own distinct voice to the various tales, which all loss in various ages, with various tones and also category aspects.”

The tales all arise from a recall structure, as the Obi-Wan of the “Old Ben” age of his life tries to tape a few of his memories in old leather-bound journals while burrowed in his Tatooine hut. That suggested that Cantwell, a long-lasting Celebrity Wars follower for whom A Brand-new Hope is an example, reached invest a long time composing in the timeless voice of the personality initially gave birth to by Alec Guinness. However the compilation nature of the story additionally permitted him to check out Obi-Wan in several stages, developing a much deeper desire for various other ages for the personality.

” We discover some extreme minutes of the Duplicate Battles that are brand-new,” Cantwell stated. “I was constantly attracted keeping that duration since Leia states it offhandedly in her recording. To me, it needed to be developmental for him, taking into consideration exactly how large the dispute was, and also exactly how extreme. It’s been discovered actually well currently in more recent job, however it was extremely intriguing to inform tales from that age. He’s additionally regarding my age in those tales, so I possibly wound up bringing a few of my very own point of view right into him in those concerns– those times when you understand points are not as straightforward as they appeared when you were more youthful and also are rather definitely a lot more intricate.”

As well as obviously, composing a compilation publication with a turning group of musicians suggested it additionally was up to Cantwell to link the Obi-Wan tales somehow. They’re good to go in various ages, and also they all have various points to claim, however they all need to seem like Celebrity Wars to both the author and also the visitor.

” The personalities and also styles to me are what make Celebrity Wars so long-lasting,” Cantwell stated. “Yes, it has an amazing quantity of terrific ephemera and also apparatus, and also the ‘globe’ of it is primarily unlimited. However it’s the styles of Light vs. Dark, both within and also without, that attract me in time and again. Traditional heroes and also their chaos. The tone is additionally incredibly vital. Genuine without being self-serious, captivating without being artful. Celebrity Wars has all the characteristics of one of the most timeless serial sci-fi and also dream tales. You type of need to hold true not simply to what Lucas initially did (and also all the succeeding job done by the cumulative of musicians that adhered to) however additionally points from the 30’s, 40’s, and also 50’s that he attracted ideas from. Dollar Rogers, Flash Gordon, and so forth. Also aspects of Universal scary therein.”

Obi-Wan # 1 shows up May 4 with a story of Kenobi’s earliest years as a Jedi. Problem # 2, with art by Luke Ross, shows up in June, and also will certainly include the Obi-Wan’s years as pupil to the epic Qui-Gon Jinn. You have actually seen them as a duo previously, many thanks to The Phantom Threat, however Cantwell and also Ross have something a little various prepared for this experience.

” We’re visiting Obi-Wan as a padawan, which implies we’re visiting him with his master, Qui-Gon,” Cantwell stated. “However I assume the tale is unanticipated. I stated Universal scary previously … I attempted to bring a great dosage of that right into Problem # 2.”

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